Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lunchroom Larfs- October 15, 2013

It is the middle of October, which means that knitters everywhere are freaking out about what they will knit for relatives and whether they will have time to complete the projects by Christmas.

This octopus has stayed up all night to complete a sweater for her sister-in-law. The truth is the sister-in-law really only wanted the new Stephen King book, and will fain excitement when she opens her gift. The sweater will be put on when opened and worn for the day until it is taken off and thrown in the back of a closet. Years later she will bring a bag of clothes to her sister-in-law being that she is quite well off as her husband is a successful architect, and had no need for many of her old clothes. She will pull it out of the bag and say, "Oh dear, I didn't realize this dreadful thing was in there. I'll just go ahead and throw it out." The knitting octopus will remember how hard she worked on this sweater but will say nothing. She will also never hand make a gift again. Instead opting for gift certificates to Home Sense. Many of her other relatives who loved and felt special receiving handmade gifts will be disappointed and wonder what they did to upset the knitting octopus. Family reunions will forever be awkward because of one stuck up octopus, who ended up leaving the architect for a squid in advertising anyway. 

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