Monday, March 31, 2014

Lunchroom Larfs- March 31, 2014

The circle, Darren,  was convinced to attend the dance by his old collage pal. It was a wonderful night, he met and danced with a bewitching square named Winona. For a while they were able to hide their forbidden love, but eventually word got out. Their parents disowned them and the city folk harassed them. Darren and Winona took all this in stride until the night a number of angry neighbors, some of who in day to day dealings had been so polite to them both, showed up on their front yard cloaked in bedsheets. Darren and Winona fled their home, leaving all their lives and possessions behind. By jumping a box car they just barely escaped to Chicago where after struggling and living on the streets they eventually found a community, a home and satisfying employment before raising a family (two triangle twins and a strapping young trapezoid). Neither held ill feelings to their old home town, for without it they never would have found the peace and happy life they now held. There was no anger there, merely pity.   

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