Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lunchroom Larfs- June 26, 2014

Even after he stole her heart and then her priceless jewels handed down from her Great Great Grandmother, Mandy still missed those late nights in the tree talking about their dreams and hopes, and their future together. They had talked about eloping to France and getting married under the Eiffel Tower, then returning home and raising a brood of kittens. They even had names picked out, Justin, Francis, Petunia and Acorn. They imagined themselves as old squirrels rocking from the crutch of a birth tree and watching the fall colours change day to day, holding each other closely in a way that brought instant comfort and warmth, something only true love can bring. Also she would miss looking at his nuts each night. Walnuts and acorns you sick bastard...

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