Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lunchroom Larfs- March 12, 2015

The toothbrush was always attracted to new and fresh toiletries. He knew that he still had a good three months left before he was going be finished. He had already cut from his life and memory so many toothpaste tubes and slivers of soap that he couldn't even count them all. Little did he know though that tomorrow while reaching for the tap his user would knock him to the floor and with little more than a turned up nose and a eulogy of, 'Ick" would be thrown into the trash can himself. As he sat in the can awaiting collection day he thought back to all those he had shunned due to their natural end approaching and shed a tear. He was thoroughly ashamed of himself. "Why couldn't I have been a nail brush? They never get thrown out, ever," he said to himself.

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