Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Now You've Done It Rainbow Bear

My oldest was playing independently this morning, and although I am new at being a Stay-At-Home Dad, I knew not to fuck with that, unless of course I wanted to spent the next hour playing Princess Candycane meets Prince Gummy Worm (spoiler alert, I devour both at the end of play). After dropping her off at school I find this:

Her beloved Rainbow Bear hanging in the stairwell.

The question is why? What did this bear do to deserve this punishment? My first thought was perhaps a lynching, a racist act. I quickly decided that couldn't be it, as Rainbow Bear encompasses all colours, and thus cannot be categorized as any one race.

Perhaps Rainbow Bear committed a heinous act that resulted in being hung by his neck until dead. My Little Pony rustling? Perhaps he murdered Raggedy Anne to steal her land to sell to the Transcontinental Railway?

This is a question I may never learn the answer to.

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