Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Too Many Firsts

It's my first day on the job. First day in a new school for my oldest. The first day my wife goes back to work. The first day it's rained this hard in a very long time. First, first, firsty first. Of course last week was the last day of my old job, last day of my wife's maternity leave and the last day of summer. I look forward to a week where there are no firsts or lasts.

Anyhow, it was a rainy dreary day. The girls and I have never shied away from a rainy day. A rainy day means two things, puddles and snails. On a rainy day there is a formula for figuring out how long it will take to walk anywhere with a small child. (amount of puddles x number of children) + time normally taken to walk anywhere = actual time. For example a two block walk by this formula equals: a hell of a long time.
That was the interesting thing, with no job to get to and nearly a full day to do any errands I didn't have the urge to constantly say, "Hurray up, hurray up, let's go!" Something that had become a bit of a mantra to me while walking with the kids. Instead we went on a good old snail hunt. Just after it stops raining is the best time to do this. Put on your raincoat, pack your bug box and melted butter and off you go!

Baby snails are like the popcorn chicken of escargot
Four snails were brought into captivity today. Don't worry animal lovers, they were given a home much the same as their natural habitat. A SpongeBob house and an ashtray full of water. They were very comfortable.  

Also a personal accomplishment, I finally attempted and succeeded with a back carry using our sling. It's better for the back, but the lack of knowledge regarding the snot stain line across my back is troubling.

Baby staining the back of plaid shirt

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