Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lunchroom Larfs- September 25, 2013

It took me a while to figure out which appliance should be getting married to the robot. I started with the toaster, but quickly realized putting a veil or a dress on a toaster makes it just look like a box with a veil or a dress. The vacuum cleaner was the best one to wear wedding attire.

If you look at the toaster watching the wedding it's obvious that she is jealous of being passed over and will spent the reception afterwards telling her friends how handsome the groom was, and never mentioning the bride though they are considered best friends. The toaster thinks she is hiding her disdain and bitterness by not speaking of her friend, but this is not so, the blender has known the toaster since kindergarten and knows her almost better than the she knows herself. The toaster will drink too much and make an embarrassing toast during dinner that will further drive a spike in the friendship between the vacuum and the toaster that will never heal. The blender will take the vacuums side and the toaster will slowly realize she is alone and has squandered her life on bitterness and regret. She will end her life by jumping into the bathtub. It will be weeks until the superintendent of her slummy building finds her rusting at the bottom of a pool of crumb filled water.

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  1. This is my favorite are hilarious as always.