Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lunchroom Larfs- September 5, 2013

We lay the seed of keeping boys away regularly at our house by giving my daughter a large amount of Cliff Claven like trivia to sprout off ad nauseam. Our hope is that this keen interest will work for us when she is a teenager and she'll go out with a nice nerdy boy. This is really plan two, plan one is to somehow raise her lesbian. Anyway, my wife found this video of a Noodle Squid, which I feel would make a really trippy lamp, and showed it to her. She flipped out and that lead to a Wiki Wormhole of watching videos on many weird squid in the ocean deep and delaying bedtime by about an hour.

This combines her two greatest loves. Macaroni and squid. Which I'm sure we could order in China Town.

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