Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lunchroom Larfs- April 15, 2015

Now it was very nice for the mother to help the boy in need, but it caused complete havoc with her phone lines. After this she lost dial tone and had to call Bell to come repair the line. Due to her busy schedule she had to jump through hoops to clear a 5 hour block of time for the repairman's visit.

The next day she sat started in hour one by cleaning up the house. Hour two, she did some baking. Hour three, was used to go through her filing cabinet and shred old outdated documents. Hour four was spent looking out the window every ten minutes wondering when "that bastard would arrive". Hour five was spend pacing the floor and cursing as at the end of that hour she would have to pick her husband up at the airport who was getting off a seventeen hour flight from Dubai and would be too tired and delirious from the anxiety drugs (he had a crippling fear of flying) to even call a taxi. 

The repairman came 5 minutes to the end of that five hour window. When the mother explained that she had to leave the repairman stated he could not do the work as he needed access to the house. The mother then fixed the problem herself by strangling the repairman with a phone cord. The son never left anywhere without trying to use the bathroom again, especially after visiting his mother in jail.

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