Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lunchroom Larfs- February 26, 2015

At first doctors thought the astronomer had a simple case of pink eye. As it turns out it the virus had traveled through a freak wormhole connecting his telescope to that of his planet Xenod counterpart. The virus spread down his optic nerve and quickly infected his brain turning him into a gibberish sprouting madman. It then spread throughout his body slowly liquifying his insides until one day from every orifice his innards leaked out leaving a stinking steaming pile of ectoplasm-like goo, and his moulted skin lay on the floor like a macabre Halloween costume left on the floor.

Meanwhile the Xenod astronomer, Glaxoo, also contracted pink eye. This resulted in itchy eyes and  thick greenish-yellow discharge, making him virtually undateable for a week.

By the way a week in earth time is 24 years in Xenod time.

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